Secure Well Approvals From The Alberta Energy Regulator


A new regulatory course will help those who submit applications to operate wells in Alberta’s oil and gas sector avoid common errors and maximize AER application approvals.  

Taught by three regulatory experts – Alanda Allum, Mark Taylor and Rob Cruickshank – the upcoming Directive 56 course on April 25 will focus on the processes and common errors when submitting applications through the OneStop online portal.  

Allum said the course aims to help licensees avoid resubmissions, denials and potential statement of concerns filed against applications. Directive 56 has many tools, rules, and processes but there are also other areas where they will need additional approvals or licenses from government agencies, she added. 

“It is a very complex system and for someone just entering the oil and gas and may need to submit applications it can be overwhelming,” said Allum. “This course will help them understand Directive 56 and start thinking about other government agencies and some of the other processes.” 

The three instructors, all former AER senior staff, will answer common questions about the important processes related to Participant Involvement before submitting the application to avoid getting either a denial of an application or potential enforcement for not conducting personal consultation involvement properly,’ said Allum.  

This course is essential for oil and gas operators navigating regulatory hurdles and seeking to streamline the application process. The team will also review what should be included in an audit package, and the importance of having one.  

Allum said the expectation is that the licensee has that information readily available but of then times, they do not. She said this could lead to delays and potential non-compliances, which could get them onto the AER compliance dashboard if they are publicly traded.  

“Not having the proper audit package prepared at the time of submission is a common error,” said Allum. “We will work through what companies should be prepared at time of application. We will go through a proper participant involvement program and why that is important and how that can avoid statement of concerns for their applications.” 

The course explains the steps filing the application for licences and what to expect next – including realistic AER timelines.  

A person taking the course will leave it feeling fully equipped and more confident in that they are not going to incur additional delays in a process, said Allum.  

Sign up today to receive one hour of free consulting with one of the three instructors before or after the live event. All course materials will be available to those who register before and after the date of the live event. 

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