Supporting Field Staff in the Ever-Changing Dynamic Drilling Industry - The Role of Remote Operations

 Digital innovation in oil and gas has experienced a remarkable surge in well construction advancements, demanding new techniques and competencies for field crews working on land rigs.

Rig fleets of today have seen a significant uptake in automation and digital workflows that have revolutionized the industry. By integrating automated processes and controls, we can improve drilling accuracy, optimize performance, and reduce human error. 

As technological demands evolve, an increased level of support for rig personnel is imperative to maintain high levels of safety and operational performance. One such method is leveraging the capabilities of a remote operations center (ROC). Our ROC is an essential part of our daily well construction processes with new digital tools supporting improved decision-making, communication, and safety across the fleet of rigs.

The ROC is staffed by subject matter experts (SMEs), multi-disciplinary specialists proficient at technology integration, problem-solving, and building upon lessons learned to deliver improved planning and execution to drive performance gains. Having all the relevant personnel collocated allows for improved communication and agile decision-making that saves time, cost, and drives overall performance. SMEs are collocated in town but within the rig ecosystem, leveraging a variety of technology and software solutions including head-mounted tablets, cloud data systems, real-time analytics, and digital twins.

(PD Eye on Rig 609 in the Haynesville)

The utilization of industry-leading head-mounted tablet technology allows SMEs working remotely to see through the eyes of our field staff in their working environment. This immersive experience enables SMEs to provide timely support and guidance. By connecting our field staff with SMEs through these devices, we can efficiently address any challenges faced on the rigs, ensuring that our personnel are fully supported and empowered. 

The ROC leverages a cloud data system that aggregates more than seventy billion tags of data per day from field operations into relevant decision-making answer products. The cloud data system is supported by data scientists, software engineers, and software developers. Built on top of this data system is a robust analytics platform to deliver relevant decision-making answer products into the hands of field teams, SMEs, and drilling optimization engineers. 

Real-time analytics play a significant role in the ROC. With the help of advanced analytics, we can monitor drilling performance in real-time, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions promptly. Advanced analytics are also utilized by the Drilling Optimization team which is focused on identifying and communicating to the field and ROC teams, opportunities to reduce well construction time and costs. 

(Clarity Analytics Dashboard in our Remote Operations Center Houston, Texas)

Real-time analytics when combined with support from the ROC and drilling optimization team empowers our field staff by giving them access to valuable insights that enable them to continuously optimize their operations. The ability to leverage analytics like never before brings us closer to achieving optimal drilling efficiency and maximizing productivity. 

Leveraging our data capabilities, digital twins have been built to allow the ROC to remotely monitor equipment health. Digital twins are becoming increasingly valuable in driving increased performance and minimizing equipment downtime and operating costs. The twin was developed not as a graphic but to consolidate hundreds of data points into visual asset health indicators. The ROC can quickly interpret these indications to drive tailor the support to the individual rig's needs. 

(Digital Twin)

The integration of remote operations centers (ROCs) in the drilling industry has proven to be crucial in supporting field staff and improving operational performance. With the advancements in digital innovation, rig fleets have become more automated, requiring specialized expertise to navigate the evolving technological demands. The ROC, staffed by subject matter experts proficient in technology integration, problem-solving, and data analysis, provides real-time support and guidance to field personnel through head-mounted tablet technology. Additionally, the use of cloud data systems and real-time analytics enables prompt decision-making and the identification of opportunities for optimization.

By leveraging these capabilities, field staff are empowered with valuable insights that drive efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the use of digital twins allows for remote equipment monitoring, minimizing downtime and operating costs. Through the role of remote operations, the drilling industry is able to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics and challenges, ensuring safety and maximizing performance. Learn more about Precision’s advanced rig technologies on their website. 

(Remote Operations Center – Houston, Texas)

About Precision Drilling

Precision is a leading provider of safe and environmentally responsible High Performance, High Value services to the energy industry, offering customers access to an extensive fleet of Super Series drilling rigs. Precision has commercialized an industry-leading digital technology portfolio known as “Alpha™” that utilizes advanced automation software and analytics to generate efficient, predictable, and repeatable results for energy customers. Additionally, Precision offers well service rigs, camps and rental equipment all backed by a comprehensive mix of technical support services and skilled, experienced personnel.

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