Precision’s EverGreen™ Battery Energy Storage Systems Improve Operational Efficiencies And Reduce GHG Emissions


Oil & gas exploration and production companies are challenged more than ever before to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with stakeholders’ expectations driving an increasing demand to demonstrate responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies. To achieve this objective, companies are looking to partner with service providers for innovative solutions to deliver improved environmental stewardship at cost effective project economics.

Precision Drilling launched the EverGreen™ Suite of Environmental Solutions to aid oil and gas companies in meeting their carbon reduction targets. Energy from fossil fuels consumed in oil and gas drilling operations is significant as it relates to both cost and emissions. Precision Drilling’s EverGreenEnergy™ solutions are centered around energy conservation and fossil fuel optimization during oil and gas well construction.

Battery Energy Storage System

Precision Drilling’s EverGreen Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) has gained strong customer adoption with six systems currently deployed and a steady growth of deployments planned for 2023. This technology is a relatively simple concept and is similar to hybrid power run on automobiles today. The system uses a battery to supply power, relieving the engine load and reducing the hours on engine power generation. The system is controlled by a state-of-the-art software that recharges the batteries during periods of low rig demand and uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to automatically control generators while ensuring the rig has optimum hybrid power for its operations. The technology results in lower emissions through decreased fossil fuel usage and optimized fuel substitution rates required to generate power.

Fuel and Emissions Monitoring

To validate and prove KPIs, operations of the BESS are supported by real-time fuel, power and emissions monitoring systems leveraging Alpha™ technologies. The sensors attached to the power and fuel generation units derive baselines and ultimately savings once the hybrid power is turned on. The data from the sensors are spliced with well construction operations allowing for comparative analytics on power and fuel consumption in real-time, thereby allowing companies to accurately inventory fuel and emissions throughout their operations.

The sensors also allow an array of measurements like engine load, fuel substitution rates, fuel burn rates and GHG emissions dissected by three main gasses — CO2, CH4 and N2O.

The measurements are received in real time in data centers using high-definition data streams. This is where the BESS optimization decisions take place. Analytical correlations are developed for power, fuel and GHG emissions using pre- and post-BESS data. The analysis is inventoried by well operation, engine load, fuel type and a variety of KPIs that allow the company to manage an auditable trace of its GHG emissions. This data is also then used to calculate cost savings and carbon tax.


Using the deployed BESS technologies, Precision Drilling has seen a marked reduction in fuel usage derived from efficient engine loading. The systems at peak performance showed fuel reduction of up to 30% and GHG reduction of up to 14% during well construction operations. Recent case studies (found here) show that tripping drill pipe in well construction operations was reduced to one power generator allowing for 38% diesel saving and 18% reduction in GHGs.

Given more efficient engine loading the overall gas substitution rates also improved by 14%, allowing for lower GHG emissions of 12% over a drilled well. Other benefits of using the BESS include improved power quality, lower generator runtime, lower maintenance and noise reduction throughout well construction operations.

By investing in innovative rig technologies, Precision Drilling is making operations safer, more reliable, and efficient, all while reducing emissions and overall environmental impact. Learn more about Precision Drilling’s EverGreen™ Suite of Environmental Solutions on the company’s website.

Precision is a leading provider of safe and environmentally responsible High Performance, High Value services to the energy industry, offering customers access to an extensive fleet of Super Series drilling rigs. Precision has commercialized an industry-leading digital technology portfolio known as “Alpha™” that utilizes advanced automation software and analytics to generate efficient, predictable, and repeatable results for energy customers. Additionally, Precision offers well service rigs, camps and rental equipment all backed by a comprehensive mix of technical support services and skilled, experienced personnel.

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