How Finning Is Leveraging High-Efficiency Technology To Reduce GHG Emissions & Lower Customer Costs


Canadian equipment rental companies are facing ever-increasing demands from the government, customers, and social influence to reduce their carbon footprint and limit their contribution to climate change. Finning, the world’s largest Caterpillar Dealer and proprietor of The Cat® Rental Store in Western Canada has embraced its role in helping to reduce GHG emissions by offering a suite of highly efficient and technologically advanced equipment that allows its customers to reduce their environmental impact and save thousands of dollars per month in fuel costs.

Traditionally, The Cat Rental Store customers were primarily concerned with monthly rental rates when selecting equipment for use, however, oil and gas producers and service companies are now frequently taking the emissions a piece of equipment generates into account in the decision-making process. One equipment segment that has drawn particular attention is that of heaters, generators, and light towers as they historically have been heavy consumers of fossil fuels on a job site.

Dean Rendle, Product Manager – Temperature Control at The Cat Rental Store acknowledged that:

“When it comes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, it is difficult to find technology that can have a positive impact on the environment while at the same time significantly lowering overall costs.”

That’s exactly why The Cat Rental Store invested in Edmonton-based Thermal Intelligence’s product, the BASECAMP, a 3-in-1 Heater, Light Tower & Generator that significantly reduces carbon emissions while dramatically lowering operating costs. It accomplishes these reductions by way of its integrated platform that delivers a 97% efficiency rating while converting fuel into usable heat, 27kW of available power, and 360° LED worksite lighting. By combining three functional products into one, the BASECAMP is effectively a mobile CHP (Combined Heat & Power) unit. As such it has achieved efficiencies never seen in temporary heating equipment.

The Cat Rental Store purchased a fleet of BASECAMP units to expand their temporary heat offerings as well as to replace aging, inefficient equipment. Rendle expects to reduce related emissions by approximately 50% when compared with other Flameless Heaters currently in use across the energy sector in Western Canada, as demonstrated in the chart below:

Rendle highlighted that The Cat Rental Store has been very happy with the performance of their BASECAMP units and the important role they are playing to help achieve a sustainable future. For companies with core operations in long and unforgiving Canadian winters, renting and adopting innovative technology from The Cat Rental Store for their temporary heating requirements can be a great opportunity to reduce worksite costs and further reduce their carbon footprint. The reality of requiring a significant volume of temporary heat to keep remote buildings, valves, pumps, or wellheads from freezing is that large amounts of fossil fuels are consumed maintaining critical infrastructure, therefor the adoption of ultra-efficient worksite equipment is a necessity.

The BASECAMP was purpose-built for oilsands and Montney operations and designed to solve the known challenges of traditional equipment failing to meet the needs of that demanding environment and climate.

A further comparison of the efficiencies of the BASECAMP is showcased below when compared to traditional indirect flamed heaters. In this scenario (1) BASECAMP replaces (2) indirect flamed heaters, and (1) light tower/generator:

In summary, when (1) BASECAMP replaces (2) indirect flamed heaters and (1) light tower/generator end-users can realize a drastic 69% reduction in GHG emissions, which also directly correlates to a 69% reduction in fuel consumption on site, as represented below in monetary savings:

Thermal Intelligence recently concluded a 14-month, rigorous vetting process, and public review, allowing the BASECAMP to become the first-ever piece of construction equipment to achieve the prestigious Green Seal Certification of Environmental Innovation. The Green Seal Certification is a universal symbol that a product meets the highest benchmark of health and environmental leadership and independently verifies the environmentally innovative aspects of the BASECAMP, and the benefits it provides to end-users.

In a time when emission reductions are essential, and cost competitiveness is global, The Cat Rental Store has found Alberta-based technology to help fuel its mission: the BASECAMP by Thermal Intelligence.


Thermal Intelligence: An Alberta-Based CleanTech Equipment Manufacturer

Thermal Intelligence’s patented ultra-efficient heat generation design effectively captures all waste heat produced, pairing a reciprocating engine with an electrical generation system. Combining state-of-the-art technology other industries have been using for years — like high-efficiency engines, low-maintenance heat generation, and wireless communication — brought our goal to life.

For more information on the BASECAMP and how it can reduce emissions for your operations while also lowering operating costs, contact Thermal Intelligence:

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