Take Your Production And Operations Data Management To The Next Level

Peloton Computer Enterprises is committed to continually developing new technology and solutions for energy companies. Our customers rely on our technology to equip them with the tools and information necessary to manage, simplify, and optimize their operations.

The Peloton Operations Center complements our Production Data Lifecycle solution. This data management initiative goes beyond volumetric data to include customizable workflow-based tools around field operations:

  • Operations Dashboard
  • Tasks
  • Forms
  • Emissions Management

Fully integrated into the SaaS-based Peloton Platform, the Ops Center helps identify issues and prioritize wells and facilities based on the data managed in Peloton applications, including ProdView and WellView. Exceptions create alerts, and tasks may be scheduled and delivered to field personnel using our ProdView Go mobile app.

Peloton Ops Dashboard:

Operations Dashboard

The Peloton Operations Dashboard allows you to view and manage your operations from a centralized place. At a quick glance, you can view tasks and alerts, and you can determine if production is lower or higher than average.

This collaboration tool adds value by:

  • Enhancing field operations management.
  • Creating a collaborative environment to improve communication between head office, field office, and field personnel by assigning personnel responsibilities and sending updates to the field.
  • Directly communicating with assigned personnel from within the application.
  • Scheduling actionable items based upon your asset review.
  • Allowing each user to create their own dashboard.
  • Visualizing selected assets on a map as well as a list.
  • Recording and analyzing lost production due to downtime as well as deferment from targets for wells not reaching the expected production levels.

Peloton Ops Dashboard:

Deferment Visualizer:

Integration of WellView data into the Operations Center:

Integration of ProdView data into the Operations Center:


The Peloton Task Center allows operators to communicate work assignments to field personnel, giving them a to-do list. Tasks are tracked right through to completion, and the status is passed on to the head office. With the Task Center, companies can do the following:

  • Define and organize tasks by type and subtype, such as preventative maintenance, operations, compliance, inspections, HS&E, and ESG.
  • Schedule single or recurring events.
  • Assign tasks to routes, wells, facilities, or pieces of equipment.
  • Attach operational forms to tasks and make the forms available to field personnel in the mobile app.
  • Visualize tasks in a calendar or list view.
  • Sort and filter tasks by physical location, task type, priority, or status.

Tasks in a calendar or list view as well as in the mobile app:


The Peloton Forms Center allows companies to create their own operational forms for field personnel to complete. Forms can track any event, such as operations, maintenance, incidents, compliance, or safety. Form features include the following:

  • Forms are completely customizable.
  • They allow for many types of input, including text, yes/no checkboxes, number fields, date/time, and library lookup lists.
  • Forms can be attached to tasks and communicated so personnel can complete them in the field.
  • You can maintain a library of forms in the field for recording data related to non-scheduled events.
  • Head office can view and analyze the completed forms or download into Excel for further analysis.

Forms editor:


Accurate measurement of fuel, flare, and vent emissions presents unique challenges for any organization, yet it is vital for effective and consistent regulations. With the Peloton Operations Center, you can proactively identify issues and reduce costs. Highlights include:

  • Set up a corporate hierarchy for targeted asset focus.
  • Monitor emissions in gas volume, methane equivalent (mcf, tonnes or intensity), or CO2 equivalent (tonnes and intensity).
  • See cumulative emissions for a selected time frame on a bubble map.
  • Display emissions intensity on demand for any period that you select.
  • Navigate directly to ProdView’s Production Monitor to plot individual meters or emission events.
  • Rank physical locations based upon the amount of emissions per physical site.

Emissions Center:

Peloton software gives your personnel a deeper insight and total control over data acquisition, analysis, and visualization through the entire integrated well lifecycle. Contact Peloton for a discussion on how we can meet your business needs.

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