New! CHOA Over A Barrel Podcast: “The Energy Futures Policy Collaborative”

The Energy Futures Policy Collaborative (EFPC), a two-year, multi-organization partnership stewarded by the Energy Futures Lab, is aiming to help policy leaders build better visions, establish bridges across seemingly divided energy sector camps, and — most critically — enable the development of policy signals that can reignite investor engagement/confidence in Alberta’s hydrocarbon resources, assets, and expertise. We know all too well that Alberta’s oil and gas sector has been hit hard by the turmoil of the last 5 years. The EFPC brings together a group of experts in technology, sustainable finance, policy, climate science, and energy transitions all working to answer the following question: How might Alberta leverage its existing hydrocarbon resources, assets, and expertise to build the clean economy of the future? This question is a growing imperative for our sector as we are all facing prevalent sustainability challenges and fast-evolving global energy systems and markets. Tune in HERE to hear the impact EFPC is generating.

Guests: In this episode, Louisa DeCarlo discusses the EFPC initiative with Keren Perla, Director of the Energy Futures Policy Collaborative, Marla Orenstein, Director of the Natural Resources Centre at Canada West Foundation, and Adam MacKay, Director, Business Development with Fluor Canada. Special thanks to Allan To, Senior Supply Chain Management Leader and Strategic Advisor and Vice President of CHOA, who acted as co-host.

The CHOA gives thanks to the podcast sponsor, Fluor Canada Ltd.