geoLOGIC’s New Cloud Solution Offers Operators Instant Data Access, Fresh Ways For Teams To Collaborate And Savings On Infrastructure


Cloud computing is a potential solution to many challenges facing oil and gas companies in ensuring the ideal data sets and intelligence tools are fully accessible to relevant team members.

Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of IT services via the Internet. It includes things like data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software. This world of information and tools is available over any device that can access the web.

geoLOGIC systems ltd., Canada’s leading provider of subsurface oil and gas data solutions, recently unveiled gDC Cloud to provide users with instant access via the cloud to its best-in-class data and visualization tools. The workflows within gDC Cloud are designed to be primarily map driven to enable visualization of results during and after data discovery. Map functionality is simple, highly effective and visually impactful.

“The ability to remotely access data and business intelligence tools from anywhere at any time via an Internet browser has become a major positive in favour of cloud computing,” said David Hood, chief executive officer of geoLOGIC.

geoLOGIC built gDC Cloud so that users can discover geoLOGIC data in a modern and intuitive map-driven, easy-to-use, web-based application.

“Accessibility to the same data for all employees across disciplines and departments is seen as vital by both leadership and employees,” added Hood. “The flexibility to share data across disciplines to collaborate on projects through one platform is also a major benefit.”

Many companies that have migrated data and intelligence tools to the cloud say it provides improved security. Cost savings can also be found – the reliability of cloud computing results in less downtime due to the automation of many processes and the completion of updates to data and software without outages.

Other key benefits to cloud computing include accessibility, flexibility, data and intelligence sharing, and collaboration opportunities.

“Internal efficiencies are realized by increased productivity as workflows are optimized and collaboration improves across asset teams using the same data as a ‘single source of truth’,” said Hood.

geoLOGIC’s gDC Cloud allows you to:

  • View subsurface well data such as completions, formation tops, production, and well logs.
  • View mineral land agreement, freehold, land sale, and open rights information.
  • Explore extensive frac and drilling datasets.
  • Query key well and land data attributes, with near-instantaneous results.
  • Create and retain map layers, save query results, import shapefiles, and add interpretations.
  • Create impactful data visualizations, including well and land asset maps, formation contour maps, well and group production charts and time-depth drilling charts.
  • Analyze subsurface information by building cross sections with raster and LAS logs, picking tops, and adding interpretations.

gDC Cloud is a flexible data management platform with prebuilt integrations into data sources that help to simplify customer workflows. Powerful visualization and search technologies support data analysis as well as data management. Analytics can plug directly into that data, or the data can be connected to any desktop or advanced management application. The data discovery, integration and analytical opportunities available through gDC Cloud are limitless.

“It is highly flexible and scalable, and the data connectivity means more time spent analyzing data as opposed to wrangling with it,” said Hood.

“In terms of usability, because of this flexibility, the platform can address the data discovery needs for many disciplines and across domains, realizing the value of the integration of the data and information aggregated within the platform.”

Given today’s oil and gas market, such immediate access to accurate, continually updated data presented in a way that enables quick evaluation, analysis and forecasting can help ensure capital is invested wisely.

“Many E&P management teams believe investing in mergers or acquisitions, or new plays, is a better use of capital to grow free cash flow or to build the scale they believe is necessary to attract capital and keep shareholders invested,” said Hood. “The data and processes needed to evaluate acquisitions are similar to those required to understand existing assets. Accessing this vital information via the cloud can save time, money and improve results.”

To learn more about gDC Cloud, visit:

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