2021 Fall Online Training Programs By Saad Ibrahim

At PMG, we believe that “You need to sharpen your axe before going logging!”. Therefore, our training is focused on the practical aspects, numerous case studies, videos, and hands-on-experience through class problems. The learning objectives of our training programs include:

  1. Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering – November 15-19, 2021
    1. The need to thoroughly cover the fundamentals, geology &rock/fluid properties
    2. Why some reservoirs perform better than others? What can be done?
    3. How to maximize reserves; of course, within the code of ethics…
    4. How to select candidate wells for production optimization?
    5. The use PTA and RTA for reservoir management, production optimization
    6. How to implement waterflooding projects and monitor performance?
    7. Why unconventional reservoirs are treated differently from the conventional?
    8. Hz well performance evaluation including Multi-stage Frac of Hz Wells (MFHWs)
  1. Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Wells – November 22-26, 2021
    1. What are the benefits/applications of Hz well?
    2. How to evaluate/optimize Hz well productivity?
    3. “Is Bigger always better?” when designing Multi-stage Frac of Hz Wells (MFHW’s)
    4. How to design and interpret Mini Frac (DFIT)
    5. How to apply PTA & RTA techniques to prepare production forecasts and EUR
    6. Why we need to use new Type Curve Analysis & Well Typing for tight reservoirs
  1. Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineering – November 29-December 2, 2021
    1. Why non-engineers need to lean about engineering?!
    2. Understand the principals of Downstream-midstream and downstream activities
    3. Why it costs so much to drill and complete oil and gas wells?
    4. Why engineers spend so much time and money on data acquisition?
    5. Why some reservoirs perform much better than others? what can be done?
    6. What goes into Master Development Plans (MDPs)?
    7. How engineers diagnose production problems & prepare remedial action?
    8. What goes into the application of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
    9. Learn how wells are abandoned and field decommissioning

For more information and registration, please visit our web: www.petromgt.com or contact Mr. Saad Ibrahim: Cell: (403) 616-8330

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