Fill Out The DOB's Digital Oilfield Survey And Be Entered To Win A $1,000 VISA Gift Card


The Daily Oil Bulletin, along with partners Amazon Web Services and Onica, have launched a new survey with the goal of helping industry understand what progress companies have made in integrating digital technologies into their business processes, and what challenges remain.

The survey is focused on 11 key technology use cases to gain input on the maturity of each digital solution, the business case for implementation, and organizational readiness to implement the technology. It is also focused on the use of advanced technologies such as edge computing/Internet of Things, data analytics, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence within the industry.

It also seeks input on the benefits of adopting digital technologies, the barriers to adoption,

The survey has approximately 60 questions and should take around 20 minutes to complete. To thank you for your time and input, upon completion you will be entered into a draw for a $1,000 prepaid VISA gift card. You will also have advance access to the report, to be published in September.

To complete the survey, click here.