February 2020 — CSUR Members' Technical Luncheon

BC Natural Gas Atlas: Gas Geochemical Database for NE BC, presented by Dr. Michael Whiticar, Professor, Geochemistry, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences - University of Victoria

With the recognition of the ongoing natural gas activity in NE BC, Geoscience BC and the University of Victoria (UVic) launched in 2016 the multi-year British Columbia Natural Gas Atlas (BC-NGA) project. The primary objective is to systematically catalogue the molecular and stable isotope compositions of natural gases produced in NE BC to establish gas geochemical fingerprints within a regional BC geological framework. The BC-NGA includes a comprehensive, open source natural gas database with the available gas geochemical data for NE BC (> 40,000 data entries) along with searchable datasets and maps (www.bcnga.ca).

By providing an integrated compilation with extensive QA/QC of all available natural gas data in NE BC, the BC-NGA improves the overall understanding of the distribution and types of natural gas that occur in NE BC. For example, to identify specific geochemical characteristics that delineate regions that are more or less productive, or produce wet vs. dry gas. The database can also serve other stakeholders. 

The BC-NGA database relies on the input from the BC Oil and Gas Commission datasets, but also from others and from analyses performed at UVic on new gas samples during the project. In 2020, the BC-NGA is developing on-line, specialty gas geochemical tools, e.g., interpretative plots, to enhance the utility of the database.

This CSUR presentation describes the BC-NGA database structure and gives examples of its use.

Location: Glenbow Museum
Date/Time Information: Thursday, February 06th, 2020 (from 11:30 to 13:00)
For more Information and Registration visit CSUR Website. (ONLY FOR CSUR MEMBERS)

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