CAPP-Commissioned Survey Finds The World Wants Oil And Natural Gas ‘Made The Canadian Way’

Crescent Point well being drilled by Alliance Drilling Rig 3. Image: Brian Zinchuk, Pipeline News

An updated international research survey conducted on behalf of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) by Ipsos suggests the world wants oil and natural gas “made the Canadian way,” says CAPP president and CEO Tim McMillan.

In the 2019 Global Energy Pulse, a follow-up to its 2017 survey, Ipsos found respondents from 31 countries, chose Canada as their number one oil and natural gas exporter among the world's top 11 energy-exporting nations.

 “Our industry is proud that people around the world want more Canadian oil and natural gas, and believe their lives will be better for it,” McMillan said.

According to the survey, Canada's upstream oil and natural gas industry was rated highly on innovation and use of cutting-edge technology aimed at minimizing environmental impacts.

"We are leaders in environmental stewardship, responsible development and sustainability. We have high expectations of our industry and that is recognized both at home and around the world,” McMillan said.

At home, the vast majority of Canadians (70 per cent) prefer Canadian oil and natural gas to imports from other countries, and among those with an opinion, 52 per cent believe Canada's energy is the safest and most responsibly produced in the world.

Interestingly, of the Canadians surveyed, half believed critical views about the industry were more about political confrontation and don't reflect reality in Canada.

"The production and consumption of oil and natural gas has been used by foreign-funded activists and politicians to create division and confrontation, but the majority of Canadians are rejecting their tactics,” McMillan said.

“They agree with the rest of the world: Canada's oil and natural gas industry should play a major role in meeting global energy demand."

Globally, 71 per cent and 52 per cent believe natural gas and oil, respectively, will meet future energy demand, and about 50 per cent of those with an opinion agree our lives are better today because of what oil and natural gas makes possible.

"We need to put the policies and infrastructure in place to get Canadian oil and natural gas to the global market,” McMillan said.