The Building Blocks To Stay Competitive In Your Career

Executive Education in the Haskayne School of Business delivers customized learning opportunities for individuals and organizations

In today’s complex environment, a strategic and cohesive approach to business and leadership is more important than ever to remain relevant and competitive. Finding the right tools and resources to propel your business leadership practices to the next level can be daunting. Many workshops and conferences promise quick results and fast change but are not designed to build the crucial skills and behaviors required to achieve lasting results.

Executive Education in the Haskayne School of Business provides established leaders, or those looking to expand their business capacity, with learning experiences that cultivate strategic thinking, systematic decision making skills, and the confidence needed to achieve real, sustainable results to thrive in this business landscape.

The Haskayne Executive Education advantage

Haskayne Executive Education delivers impactful learning experiences that combine relevant knowledge and practical tools to empower leaders to achieve tangible outcomes. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your leadership skills, an organization wanting to invest in your talent, or a board member wanting to govern with confidence, you can find a program that is designed to enable you to reach and even surpass your unique learning goals.

Executive Education designs programs to increase the confidence, curiosity, compassion, and competitiveness of leaders through intelligent thought and action learning. Having access to world-class educators who bring global thinking to a local context, participants of Executive Education programs are able to develop business and leadership capabilities that enable the local business community to grow and prosper.

Beginning with the essentials

The University of Calgary’s flagship Business Leadership Development Program – Business Essentials – is ideal for both individuals and organizations as it ensures that what is learned in the classroom can be applied to real, relevant, and timely business issues and opportunities.

“Business Essentials allows for fast learning with hands on application. It’s a real life, real time solution for people who want to keep themselves up to speed in business and meet like-minded people. The quality of the program is exceptional.”
Debbie Hammond, Executive Director, Coalition for a Safer 63 & 881

The Business Essentials program is designed to develop and challenge existing and high potential leaders to think like an executive as they explore the rigorous methods and theories in leadership, strategy, finance, operations, and marketing.

This program positions learners to work with industry leaders, business peers, and experienced Haskayne faculty to develop an understanding of key issues that are transforming the Canadian and global business landscape, as well as develop new skills, knowledge, and behaviours that are applied through intentional integration in the workplace.

“The Business Essentials faculty were supportive coaches who helped me to apply my new knowledge in my career. My program project has directly resulted in manufacturing cost savings while introducing a new premium product to the market”
Blaize Fabbi, Safety, Facilities and Process Engineering Manager, Luxfer Canada Ltd.

One key differentiating factor of the Business Essentials program is that participants partake in an Action Learning Project (ALP). The ALP process is designed to provide an opportunity to practically apply program content, assess knowledge gained and drive action through critical thinking and effective communication. The Action Learning Projects are not additional or tangential work. They are designed in consultation with the learner’s senior managers and guided through an in-depth mentorship process to produce tangible outcomes that are beneficial to both the individual and the organization.

“We made a big investment at a time when the economy was difficult, but the risk of the investment paid off and shows the quality of Business Essentials. It was so relevant to our business and our needs. It was the perfect program and perfect timing.”
Dennis Gardner, Senior Regional Sales Director for World Health

Business Essentials is structured as a cohort-based learning experience to leverage the benefits of social learning. Typically, the cohort represents organizations from a vast range of industries and sectors, with the learners representing various business functions.

The Business Essentials program is delivered under the guidance of a mentor and includes one-on-one coaching from an executive coach. Build a business network while learning from peers across various industries and Haskayne’s most practical faculty members.

“Business Essentials was fantastic. One of the best decisions I made regarding my career. I would recommend this program to anyone who is trying to find their way to the next level.”
Rick Hiltz, Senior Project Manager, EllisDon Corporation

Creating a program that’s right for you

One key characteristic of successful leaders is their ability to think critically and make strategic decisions based on an understanding of key business and leadership fundamentals. Haskayne Executive Education recognizes that each organization and their leaders are unique. Haskayne Executive Education partners with organizations to design custom business leadership learning programs to their specific context to develop their leaders and shape the future of their business. Custom solutions focus on aligning with the organizations’ specific goals to deliver tangible, real-world results.

The approach to contextualizing programs is to work collaboratively with the organization to understand the specific needs of the business, beginning with a needs analysis which will drive the specific design and delivery of the program.

Customized programs challenge participants to learn and think like an executive while being on a learning journey that is designed to allow the absorption of key concepts and implementation in the workplace.

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