Alberta Eases Oil Production Limit For August

Cenovus's Christina Lake project. Image: Cenovus

The Alberta government this morning said it is easing the oil production limit for August, setting the limit at 3.74 million bbls/d compared to 3.71 million bbls/d in July.

The government said the production limit increase of 25,000 bbls/d was due to the private-sector growing its crude-by-rail capacity, declining inventory levels and improved efficiencies in export pipelines.

Letters from the Minister of Energy have been sent to each curtailed operator advising of the change.

The first 10,000 bbls/d a company produces are exempt from production limits, meaning only 29 of more than 300 producers in Alberta are subject to the production limits.

Monthly production limits, in million bbls/d:

  • January – 3.56
  • February – 3.63
  • March – 3.63
  • April – 3.66
  • May – 3.68
  • June – 3.71
  • July – 3.71
  • August – 3.74