Leading Change, Shaping Industry, Driving Community Spirit — Rising Stars Class Of 2019

Today’s up-and-coming leaders are helping to shape tomorrow’s energy future. Whether it’s new thinking, fresh attitudes or technical solutions, showcasing their work and vision is of tremendous value to the entire energy industry.

Daily Oil Bulletin’s Rising Stars Class of 2019 is a showcase event of the excellent work done by young emerging energy leaders.

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In partnership with Fluor Canada, the Rising Stars program provides an essential celebration of the dynamic young leaders that continue to make the industry a destination of choice for a new generation. Partners, industry organizations and government groups play a vital role in shaping these up and comers. Coming from many disciplines — technology, finance, communications, engineering — these new leaders are at the forefront of today’s changing energy industry, and industry wants to know who they are!

2019 welcomed 14 inductees, from upstream, midstream and downstream companies and professionals including managers, c-suites and presidents. Almost all of our inductees have taken to additional post-secondary education, supplementing their education and their wealth of expertise, providing a crop of individuals who have:

  • international project experience in places like Mexico
  • merit awards within their companies
  • applications for global patents
  • leadership in developing and sustaining strong Indigenous engagement programs
  • international conference presence
  • been named top 35 under 35 in Canada’s energy sector

Likewise, the Rising Stars Class of 2019 inductees have an admirable and diverse list of community engagement accolades, all of which they credit to their desire to be part of and give back to their extended communities. Volunteering with STEM women and girls, engaging with Telus Spark, campaign building for the United Way, mentoring as a big Brother and Sister, and mentoring young pipeliners, are all ways in which these Rising Stars separate themselves as energy’s next generation of innovative leaders.

Congratulations to the Rising Stars Class of 2019! Read more about each of our 14 Rising Stars today!