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Offering: O&G Management Administration Services &/or Office Space Available

We are a complete Management Company in business for 28 years offering all services (Land, Production Accounting, Accounting, Geology, etc) under contract to do the work for you!

We have GeoScout and provide all Software including Accounting/Production Accounting and Land. We can take your oil and gas assets and administer to them for you from our Office Space in the Beltline and save you money.

We also have up to 1000 square feet available for lease (one area has three offices separate from the main office space). Short term and long term considered. We can also offer individual offices for rent (for oil and gas complimenting individuals).

Full services including Board Room, Big Screen TV, Kitchen, 36” hi-speed Plotter/Scanner, Central copier (all sizes and color), reception, and all Consulting Services as required.

Please call to arrange a viewing of the unique loft-style casual office space. Close to the Saddledome and City Hall. Parking available & negotiable.

Please call Ron Bobyn at:
(403) 262-6623 x107 or email at:

DOB Classifieds

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