Introducing geoLOGIC basinINTEL, Powered By BetaZiTM

geoLOGIC basinINTEL, powered by BetaZiTM, combines geoLOGIC’s premium data with BetaZi’s unique physio-statistical algorithm to deliver accurate, pre-computed probabilistic production forecasts for every well in Western Canada.

 Click here for a White Paper on basinINTEL.

 geoLOGIC basinINTEL type curves, EURs and economics are unbiased, with calibrated uncertainty, meaning you can accurately compare and contrast potential opportunities, benchmark results and assess well performance in a consistent and repeatable fashion. Delivered as interactive Spotfire projects with full export capabilities, this exciting new product equates to less time forecasting, more time analyzing.

 To learn more about geoLOGIC basinINTEL, contact geoLOGIC’s sales team at, 403-262-1992.