Welcome To The New DOB

We launch today a Daily Oil Bulletin website that provides a fresh new way to access articles and data, and introduces additional content streams.

We’ve redesigned our website experience based on feedback received over the past year in member surveys and interviews.

And we plan further development of the website later this year, specifically improving our data offerings.

Key new features launched today include:

  1. New navigation/menu system – Navigating between important content streams is now just a click or tap away. The website has a new global navigation structure found in a horizontal bar along the top of each webpage, both on the homepage and on each article/data page. The menu can also be accessed from any page by clicking or tapping on the Menu icon in the top left corner of each webpage, so you can switch sections simply.
  2. One-click access to Today’s Headlines and Issue Archive – Located in the top navigation bar, click or tap on the Today’s Headlines tab in the top navigation bar to see a list of all the articles posted each day. Past editions of the DOB can be accessed via the same tab; pick the date you want to access via the calendar or use the “Previous Issue” button.
  3. Increased focus on analysis – Starting today, and launching more formally this fall, new expert contributors will present deeper context and analysis. Today, read Brad Hayes’s article on whether the shale revolution is working for oil. Click here for the article.
  4. Landing pages for key content areas – Key content tabs include Upstream, Markets, M&A, Oilsands, OFS and Technology. These landing pages highlight both editorial articles and associated data reports, dashboards and maps.
  5. Expanded technology coverage – Of particular note on the new website is our expanded technology coverage. The Technology landing page is a portal for further discovery based on theme, such as Drilling/Completions Tech, Digital/IT, Oilsands Tech and Environmental Tech.
  6. One-click access to business development and competitor analysis tools – The new navigation system also features one-click access from the main navigation bar to a series of tools that assist with business development and competitor analysis, including Data & Tools, Maps, Project Leads, and Plays. Find them on the right-hand side of the horizontal navigation bar.
  7. Expanded plays coverage – The Plays portal in the top navigation bar contains a list of key Canadian and U.S. plays. At present, each key play provides a list of related articles. This summer, we plan to begin building out each key play with additional datasets, to provide the most comprehensive source of articles and data based on play.
  8. Special Reports portal – Our new Special Reports portal provides one-click access to a series of reports.
  9. Related content – Each article page now includes a list of related content — including additional articles as well as related data reports, dashboards and maps. For instance, an article on well licences will include a link to the related licence report.
  10. Continuous flow of articles – The Recent News column on the website provides the day’s latest news — all day long — and after our key noon-hour alert is published.
  11. DOB app – Launched today, the Daily Oil Bulletin app delivers 24/7 access to essential news and analysis on Canada’s oil and gas market. The DOB app — available for download at your Apple or Android app store — is for subscribers only. Please sign in using your DOB account to access the content. Forgotten your login/password? Please contact us at customerservice@jwnenergy.com.

Let us know what you think of our redesigned website. Send feedback to editor@dailyoilbulletin.com.