Sponsored Content: Improving Operating Performance Through Analysis And Implementation

As one of the world’s leading engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC) and maintenance companies, Fluor has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise, innovation and talent through the delivery of integrated solutions in Canada and around the globe for more than a century. In particular, Fluor’s presence in Canada is characterized by more than 60 years of successfully delivering challenging and complex projects for clients across the energy and chemicals market.

The company applies its innovative solutions to customer challenges across a variety of markets and a broad spectrum of projects. One example is the recent assembly of a high performance engineering team to meet a challenge that was brought forward by an in-situ oil sands producer.

At the client’s facility, the key water treatment equipment was fouling and production capacity was falling continuously over a period of 12 to 15 months. Taking the system down for cleaning removed one-third of the production capacity for a combined duration of six weeks, after which the fouling cycle started again. The issue was having a significant impact on steam generating capacity and thus oil production and revenue. The client was searching for a solution that would expand capacity, extend run length and reduce cleaning frequency.

In response, Fluor engineers performed a thorough technical analysis of the design and operation of the water treatment equipment and quickly determined the root cause of the problem. Working with the equipment supplier, Fluor proposed modifications to the equipment, to avoid the scaling condition at critical flow points. The modification was implemented in the first train and tested, then subsequently implemented in the other trains as they came down for cleaning. 

Following the modifications, the facility was able to run at 110 per cent of design capacity without any evidence of significant fouling. The client recognized improved plant revenue of $35 million per year due to increased production, and a reduction in cleaning costs of $3 million per year as a result of this engineering evaluation and small modification. 

“In completing a thorough analysis of the client’s challenge, we were able to optimize the amount of collaboration with plant personnel and exercise well-informed judgment for the delivery of an effective solution — all of which was realized by the client as exceptional value added,” said Bernie Moore, Fluor’s Executive Technical Director of In-Situ.

Further, Fluor and the equipment supplier were able to take experience from this operating plant evaluation and incorporate it into future designs, in an effort to improve project economics.

Fluor consistently applies experiences gained from projects of all sizes to provide effective outcomes for clients. By focusing on economic drivers, Fluor is able to reduce operating costs and improve facility revenue across everything from smaller sustaining capital projects to large new build investments.