Notley Announces Halt To Imports Of B.C. Wine As Trans Mountain Saga Continues To Heat Up

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Alberta Premier Rachel Notley stepped up her push-back on the British Columbia government’s continued opposition of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, announcing this afternoon that Alberta would stop importing B.C. wine effective immediately.

Notley said she’s heard from “Albertans everywhere” that her government needed to send a clear message to B.C. officials.

“That’s why today I’m announcing that the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control Board, the AGLC, will put an immediate halt to the imports of B.C. wine into Alberta,” she told reporters in Edmonton.

In 2017, Notley said that amounted to roughly 17.2 million bottles or over 1.4 million cases. That’s about $70 million per year paid to B.C. wineries.

“If there’s one good step in waking B.C. up to the fact they can’t attack our industry without a response from us [this is it],” Notley said.

“It’s clear to me that in the province we are united on this issue; we are speaking with one voice. I want Albertans to know that we are actively preparing measures to get Ottawa to step up and B.C. to step down,” Notley told a press conference in Edmonton.