The MPG Advantage

By Joseph Connors, Communications Manager Fluor Canada Ltd.

In an industry well-known for mega projects, the reality is that there are a host of other client projects that are executed by EPC companies on a regular basis.

Through an integrated solutions model, Fluor provides clients with solutions for their project’s complete lifecycle — from concept all the way through to completion. Beginning with early concept development through feasibility study, FEED, project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning, start-up, as well operations and maintenance, Fluor is consistently bringing together all of the pieces required to deliver solutions that meet clients’ needs.

While the delivery of innovative and cost-efficient solutions for large, challenging and complex project scopes is something that Fluor has built a solid and nearly seven decade reputation on in Canada, the ability to help clients with their ongoing maintenance and upgrading needs is also an area of demonstrated success and expertise for Fluor.

To continuously meet these needs, Fluor has an established sustaining capital execution group specifically structured to deliver nimble execution. Named the MPG Multi-Projects Group® (MPG), almost all work executed within this framework is in support of operating and brownfield facilities.

MPG has 200+ members, about half of whom sit within a stand-alone execution centre at Fluor Canada’s headquarters in Calgary. The remainder is located at various client locations across Canada. Made up of a stable core team of experienced engineers and designers, the  structure of MPG enables simultaneous work on numerous projects for a variety of clients, sharing overhead and governance tasks to deliver high quality execution with reduced indirect costs. The group also has a central leadership structure accountable for delivering services that are high quality and cost-efficient across clients’ project portfolios.

With this dynamic structure in place, Fluor has also exercised the foresight to institute a regular review process intended to drive continuous improvement in both the MPG model and in its solution delivery for clients. The process provides ongoing internal solicitation of information and feedback with regards to MPG’s delivery model — what should engineering disciplines know about each other to help smooth the handover of deliverables? This consistent review and exercise in accountability is intended to maintain streamlined internal processes for delivering effective and efficient solutions for owners, while maintaining in-house expertise and the capability to consistently deliver on maintenance and sustaining capital work.

The demonstrated success of Fluor’s MPG execution framework can best be seen through its long-term partnerships / alliance arrangements with several operating clients. So far in 2018, MPG has executed 110 projects through its engineering services agreement with a major pipeline company, 160 projects through its Irving Oil-Fluor Alliance, as well as having delivered another 12 non-alliance projects. The successful execution of these projects is a testament to the breadth of expertise maintained by the professionals in MPG, as well as their ability to effectively share knowledge and leverage what they have done on larger scale projects.

Client challenges that fit the MPG model benefit from this execution framework by gaining the advantage of part-time resources that can be mobilized as needed to meet multiple project requirements. Core team members have built-in flexibility to their roles which allows them to be retained and add value through the construction and commissioning phases of a project, and their ability to draw expertise from a global base of employees eliminates a need for hiring external consultants for uniquely discovered conditions.

Underpinning the flexibility that characterizes MPG is the expansive network of global subject matter experts (SMEs) within Fluor and MPG’s ability to leverage that expertise on sustaining capital projects. Fluor’s network of SMEs is both specific to particular businesses and general across industries. MPG’s ability to reach back into the business and utilize their knowledge opens the aperture on what is possible for innovative solution delivery — no matter the complexity or scope of a project challenge.