Robert L. McNamara Leaseholds Ltd. Corporate Divestiture

Sayer Energy Advisors has been engaged by Robert L. McNamara Leaseholds Ltd. (the “Company”) to assist with the sale of the shares of the Company.

  • The assets of the Company include a number of mineral title and royalty interests comprising over 1,700 net acres in the Waterton, Majorville, Okotoks, Crossfield, Lochend, Swalwell, Twining, Garrington, Sylvan Lake, Joffre, Medicine River and Pembina areas of southern and central Alberta (the “Titles”), and interests in approximately 260 Gross Royalty Trusts (“GRTs”).
  • The Titles and GRTs currently generate approximately $150,000 in net annualized royalty revenue (over $89,000 has been received in the first seven months of 2018). The majority of the revenue comes from royalties from GRTs, with the balance of the revenue coming from royalties on natural gas wells and royalties and working interests in seven oil units.
  • The preferred transaction would be a sale of the shares of the Company for cash.

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