Sponsored Content — High Quality Fuel Sourced From Canada’s Best Refineries

We demand high quality fuel from our refineries.

We only source our fuel from the best. Our quality control starts with obtaining fuel from the major suppliers in Western Canada, who meet our high fuel quality standards.

It’s important to source from Western Canada’s major refiners because they understand the rigorous requirements of Alberta customers.

The performance of your equipment relies on a high quality fuel.

When your engine is running on UFA fuel, it’s consuming the high quality fuel. Whether it’s agricultural, off-road, construction or industrial equipment, your mileage, power and fuel economy are by-products of the fuel you choose.

Whether it’s summer or winter, when it comes to serving our members and customers, UFA is committed to providing the best gasoline and diesel products available on the market. UFA and our suppliers have a rigorous fuel quality program to ensure we provide the top-quality fuel your equipment relies on.

You’re too busy to worry about fuel quality. Let us handle it.

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