Assets For Sale: New Marketing Opportunities With The DOB

Producers and brokers have used the Daily Oil Bulletin’s content ads for many years to effectively market their new assets for sale — royalty, production or land.

The key to success is reaching the DOB’s subscriber base, which includes A&D professionals at the vast majority of Canadian oil and gas producers.

Starting in January 2018, we now offer premium visibility with our Featured Assets Offering, which provides a higher and sustained level of awareness beyond our regular content ads. Over a two-week period, clients receive:

  • In each day’s popular Morning Briefing, under the headline of “Today’s Featured Assets For Sale,” a 50-100 word brief that links to the original content ad; plus,
  • A highlighted entry on the DOB’s Assets for Sale map.

For more information, please contact Stephen Marsters at or call 403-209-3539.