Canadian Global Exploration Forum Annual Conference, September 27-28, 2017 – Calgary

Canadian international oil & gas companies (IOCs) have a wide-reaching impact with some 136 companies conducting business in over 36 countries on six continents, producing an estimated net one million barrels of oil equivalent per day. CGEF uniquely acts as both a point of contact and a place to develop and promote working relationships across the industry.

The Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) was formed approximately seven years ago with the idea of filling the need for an industry group that addressed the issues faced by Canadian companies with international operations. It was soon recognized there existed an opportunity for CGEF to become the engagement hub for both member companies who sought partners or new opportunities, Canadian operators who were interested in pursuing new opportunities in foreign jurisdictions, foreign NOCs and government bodies who were interested in promoting opportunities for Canadian companies in their countries and provincial and federal commercial representatives who seek to promote Canadian companies to the global audience.

CGEF members are keenly aware that many countries around the world owe much of their petroleum industry successes to exploration and production activities by Canadian independents. There is a long history of Canadian oil and gas company activity overseas with companies such as Asamera (and its successor Gulf Canada) active in Indonesia for nearly half a century. Canadian independents were particularly active in Latin America with companies such as Rio Alta, Norcen, Petro-Andina and Crown Point having successful operations in Argentina at one point in time over the past three decades. A key example, is the impressive growth of oil production in Colombia during Alvaro Uribe’s presidential term was largely the result of Canadian oil and gas activity in the llanos basin with companies such as Talisman, Gran Tierra, Suroco Energy, Petrominerales, Parex, Canacol and Petro-America responsible for a host of new discoveries and production. Similar stories can be found in the history of North African oil and gas development as well as the North Sea.

The vast network provided through CGEF helps companies interested in international entry points through introduction to directors and members who have significant experience in the target country, commercial delegates at the local Canadian embassy, representatives with the countries' oil and gas regulatory organization and/or National Oil Company, senior executives with other companies currently active in that country as well as local oil and gas counsel and investment banks. Invariably CGEF directors and members are aware of several defined opportunities for participation in a given country's oil and gas industry whether that be through partnership with other companies, qualification for bid round participation or company acquisition. By engaging with CGEF, companies who wish to expand their horizons internationally effectively shortcut much of what can be a steep learning curve while also avoiding potential disastrous pitfalls.

Annually, CGEF hosts a conference that provides delegates direct contact with oil & gas operators, foreign governments and service companies who each come to share new opportunities, as well as lessons learned over the past 12 months of activities working overseas. 

This year’s conference features a wide range of speakers from operating companies, consultancies and governments. The program is made up of several panel discussions, presentations and three high level keynote addresses. Topics of discussion include:

  • Financial International E&P Ventures – What Sells!
  • Legal Trends in International E&P
  • The World Bank Group’s Role in Fighting Fraud and Corruption
  • International Conventional Oil & Gas – What Works
  • International Unconventional Oil & Gas - What works
  • Clean Technology – Applications to International E&P
  • Pursuing International Markets – Opportunities, Barriers and Support Requirements

The conference takes place at the TELUS Convention Centre, in Calgary, Canada, September 27-28. To register for the CGEF Conference or for more information, please visit

About the Canadian Global Exploration Forum

The Canadian Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) is an oil and gas trade group that promotes Canadian E&P companies doing business internationally. We believe that Canadian companies bring an invaluable wealth of knowledge about business practices, technology, corporate social responsibility and operating skills to opportunities in other parts of the world. CGEF continues to expand its links to various industry E&P and service groups around the world. This strategy will result in an ever-expanding network of information which can be drawn from, opening up additional investment opportunities which will help perpetuate the significant positive impact of Canadian E&P companies globally.

To learn more about CGEF and how your company can become involved, please visit