Canadian Discovery’s Geological Plays Now Available For Direct Download!

Canadian Discovery’s (CDL) Geological Plays (CDL Plays), previously only available through “Resource Plays” and “Resource Groups” in the Well Completions & Frac Database (WCFD) or Canadian Discovery’s Catalyst platform, are now available for direct download into your mapping and analytics applications such as Verdazo, Spotfire, Tableau and more.

Why CDL Plays?

Many service providers offer value-added well fields such as “prod zone” or “formation” within their datasets or provide play delineation for individual plays in specific areas using a variety of methods.

CDL is the only independent third party to provide detailed, geologically informed plays across the entire Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (“WCSB”) with every well in Western Canada assigned to a specific play.

CDL Plays include:

  • Tracking over 180 aggregated plays with further segmentation into over 450 detailed plays, offering a foundation to work with frac and other data sources
  • New wells added weekly
  • Custom completed zone assigned by CDL to each well
  • Play maps and descriptions available (as previously found in the WCFD)
  • Plays reviewed and updated as new data becomes available and new plays emerge
  • Delivery through CDL’s Catalyst online platform with CDL Connect – an ODBC connection for direct import into other applications

CDL Plays provide a framework for consistent, repeatable results and effective comparisons of type curves, EURs, completion & drilling costs, operating practices and more. We use CDL Plays extensively in all of our products and services and understand the value of quality play assignments.  This value is now available for your workflows.

Also available through Catalyst or CDL Connect

  • CDL EURs and Type Curves for every well in the WCSB
  • Well production data

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