Winner Of Pro Geo’s Rock Contest At GeoConvention 2017

Pro Geo Consultants / Lab and Analytics are pleased to announce the answers to and winner of the Notorious Rock Quiz at the CSPG GeoConvention 2017.

The answers are as follows: The first hand sample came from Gros Morne Park, Newfoundland. The green mineral is serpentine and has a common name in this case of Lizardite. The brown mineral is Peridotite. The rock represents the exposure of the MOHO (deep ocean crust and the Earth’s Mantle). The second hand sample is a fossil from the Class: Bivalve and Order Rudista. The third hand sample is a Gastropod fossil from the Genus: Actaeonella.

Congratulations to Wilf Talbot who answered 3.5 out of 5 correctly, winning a pair of Flames vs Oilers tickets. Congratulations Wilf!

Congrats to Yvon Lemieux of Manitok Energy for winning our Business Card Draw for a pair of Flames tickets.