Geological Evaluation Of Montney Formation Resource Plays

Thomas F. Moslow and John-Paul Zonneveld

June 6-9, 2017

This four-day course utilizes lectures, core workshops and one-day field trip to examine the reservoir characteristics, facies heterogeneity and stratigraphic framework of the Montney formation with emphasis on the geological attributes that make the Montney one of North America’s leading resource plays. Specific play types from west-central Alberta and northeastern British Columbia are reviewed in detail covering a broad geographic and geologic spectrum. Examples include:

  • Sandstone and siltstone oil and gas reservoirs of turbidite through distal shelf/ramp origin in the Alberta Deep Basin;
  • Liquids – rich natural gas siltstone reservoirs of distal shoreface, offshore transition and shelf/ramp origin on the Peace River Arch;
  • Bituminous siltstones, and “shales” of distal shelf/ramp origin in BC;
  • Bioclastic facies of biostrome and tempestite origin, 2 of the 3 main reservoir trends in the “distal shelf” play of NEBC.

Lectures and core workshops include an examination of reservoir characteristics from the Lower (Griesbachian-Dienerian), Middle (Smithian), Upper (Spathian) Montney and Anisian Wedge. Emphasis is placed on the depositional origin, predictive geometry, lateral variability, heterogeneity, reservoir attributes of primary and secondary porosity/permeability and fabric related reservoir quality and anisotropy. Topics include Montney paleogeography, depositional history, bio- and sequence- stratigraphy, hydrodynamics, diagenesis, sedimentology, ichnology and petrology placed into a regional and field specific context. The course has been significantly updated with observations from new plays.

Course Fee: $2975. (10% discount for company enrollment of 4 or more employees)

Enrollment limited to 30

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