CERI Joins Oil Sands Facilities Conference Line-Up To Discuss Reducing Oil Sands Operations Costs And Emissions

Showcasing the latest research, Dinara Millington, VP of Research, CERI joins the New Technology for In Situ Oil Sands Facilities 2017 Conference to identify clear technological pathways to significantly reduce oil sands operations costs, as well as emissions.

Diana is responsible for managing the Institute’s research agenda including leading oil sands research projects and will be seen on day one of the conference alongside industry giants Suncor Energy, Brion Energy, Nexen Energy, Osum Oil Sands, Surmont Energy and others.

This exclusive presentation will enable you to learn how these technology configurations can achieve a potential reduction of bitumen supply cost by 34-40%, reduce fuel-derived emissions by more than 80%, and consequently delay the time until the emissions cap is reached by several decades.

For more information, visit http://www.new-technology-oil-sands-facilities.com/