Where Does Alberta Lead And Where Is It Deficient In Safety Culture? Take the Survey

Alberta’s oil and gas industry cannot improve its safety record without fully understanding where its culture leads and where it is decifient.

With the vision to help the industry become Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020, the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) has worked with the University of Alberta to develop a survey to find the answers.

The goal of the survey is to help determine industry’s attitudes and actions toward safety, enhance best practices and tailor initiatives to improve overall safety for everyone.

To allow benchmarking, your company’s results will be reported back to your company, with your identity remaining anonymous. Results will be aggregated so that individuals cannot be identified.

A summary of the results will be reported to COAA member companies at the May 2017 Best Practices Conference, online at jwnenergy.com, and within the summer issue of Oilsands Review. Companies will not be identified in this summary, only sector/industry distributions will be provided.

Multiple responses per company are permitted.

Click here to take the survey now.

JWN is a partner in the Alberta Projects Improvement Network with COAA, GO Productivity and Supply Chain Management Association Alberta.