Freehold Royalties Ltd. Property Divestiture

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Sayer Energy Advisors has been engaged to assist Freehold Royalties Ltd. (“Freehold” or the “Company”) with the sale of certain of its working interest and non-operated unit interests in oil and natural gas properties in central Alberta (the “Properties”).

  • The Properties represent an opportunity to acquire an oil-weighted, low-decline production stream with current annualized cash flow of approximately $4.1 million, and provide exposure to a number of operated and non-operated drilling opportunities.
  • The total package LMR is 8.68 with net deemed asset value of $6.9 million ($7.8 million deemed assets, $900,000 deemed liabilities).
  • The working interest properties have been separated into in the following areas; South Package, West Package, Central Package and North Package.  Freehold’s non-operated unit working interests are in the Pembina Cardium Unit No 9, Pembina Belly River X Unit, Brazeau River Gas Unit No 1, Pembina Belly River B South Unit, Thorsby Glauconitic Unit No 1 and the Pembina Cardium Unit No 31.

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