Low Cost Conventional Oil / $25 Per Barrel Full Production Costs

Mundiregina Resources Canada Inc.
56 Roehampton, Unit 62, St. Catharines, ON, L2M 7S8
Tel: (905) 688-8083
Cell: (905) 978-1364

Full Production Costs of $25 Cdn Barrel in Conventional Basin

  • 500,000 acres with Ten (10 ) different Conventional plays Light Oil/Wet Gas with Mundiregina Resources
  • Lower production costs allows Oil Companies to Operate profitably and pay dividends, see JUNEX production costs at Galt at $25 barrel
  • Seismic Inspection available at Divestco, Seismic shows 3X larger than Galt
  • Good Infrastructure, deep harbours, good highways to refinery
  • Seeking partners, farm-in, JV, financing
  • Largest undrilled Structure “Champlain” in North America at 30 miles wide is a GIANT
  • 3,000 miles closer to North American Market and will get Brent Pricing
  • Quebec fully supports Conventional Light Oil in Gaspe
  • Data room at www.mundiregina.com  User name is Mother and password is REGINA MUNDI