PSAC Industry Insights Lunch To Feature Peter Terzakian

PSAC Industry Insights Lunch
October 31, 2017
Westin Hotel, Calgary, AB

Peter Terzakian shares his view - Western Canadian Oil and Gas: Looking Forward

Low commodity prices are driving new oil patch innovation and changing investment patterns in Western Canada. New investment is shifting away from the oil sands in Fort McMurray to other parts of Western Canada. Producers are now unlocking oil and gas from shale plays and other tight reservoirs that, for many decades, were widely believed to be too difficult to recover. Considering the outlook for commodity prices and markets, what are the expectations for future investment in Western Canada? What are the constraints? How will oil and gas producers position themselves to be suppliers of the future?

On October 31st, 2017, PSAC is pleased to have Peter Tertzakian, Executive Director of ARC Energy Research Institute, speak at our 2017 Industry Insights Luncheon. He is an economist, investment strategist, author and public speaker on issues vital to the future of energy and has clocked over 30 years of experience in the business of energy, spanning all systems from oil and gas to renewables. Peter’s passion is studying how society evolves its energy use and applying the lessons of the past into today’s strategic business issues.

Join PSAC to hear what Peter has to say! Tickets $110+. Limited seating. Register today for this luncheon here.