Register For CSUR’s Fall Field Trip To The Highwood River

Together with our sponsors, geoLOGIC systems ltd. and Canadian Discovery Ltd., we invite you to join the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) as it holds this year's one-day field trip to the Highwood River Section on Sept. 30.

Together with our experts, you will investigate the control of composition, sedimentary facies and fabric on fracture characteristics of clastic tight oil reservoirs from organic rich mudstones, interbedded mudstones and siltstones, muddy sandstones to massive sandstones. To illustrate these, we will examine superb exposed outcrops along the Highwood River south of Calgary of Second White Specks organic rich shales, Cardium muddy sandstones, and Chungo sandstones.

Guides: Dr. Per Pedersen and Dr. Paul MacKay.

Includes: Hot breakfast sandwich; snacks/water, boxed lunch, transportation, guided day by well-respected industry experts.

Click here to register.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please advise by Friday, Sept. 23 if you cannot attend the event for 100 per cent refund. There will be no refunds given if you cancel after this date.