CSUR Fall Field Trip To The Highwood River Section

One of the benefits of the upcoming Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) annual field trip is that while the trip will examine specific units, the knowledge gained can be applied to other units.

CSUR will hold its one-day field trip to the Highwood River Section on Sept. 30. A panel of experts will examine the link between composition, sedimentary facies and fracture characteristics of these outcrops.

Of particular value to both the geological and engineering disciplines will be the integration of fracturing and geo-mechanics to the geology of these units, most of which are productive in the subsurface and are actively being pursued with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques.

The trip will investigate the control of composition, sedimentary facies and fabric on fracture characteristics of clastic tight oil reservoirs from organic rich mudstones, interbedded mudstones and siltstones, muddy sandstones to massive sandstones.

To illustrate, “we will examine superb exposed outcrops along the Highwood River south of Calgary of Second White Specks organic rich shales, Cardium muddy sandstones, and Chungo sandstones,” said the University of Calgary’s Dr. Per Pedersen, one of the tour guides

“It’s not about those units, it’s about seeing the relationship between sedimentary fabric and composition and fractures,” he added. “We’re just using those three units as the illustration of that.

“It doesn’t matter which unit you’re working on; it’s not about those specific units, it’s more about the link between those perameters that is applicable to any unit.”

Registration information can be accessed by clicking here.