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Keep your workers safe, comfortable, and productive with an uninterrupted supply of industry-compliant workwear and safety PPE that’s built to withstand the worst weather conditions. Even in the best of weather, the rigours of the oil and gas industry can be extreme. Whether your business drills wells, runs day-to-day operations, or provides oilfield services, the workwear and footwear they're equipped with must be as tough as the task at hand. The work can be demanding, and your workers deserve workwear that will help them perform their best, while keeping them safe.

Perfect weather may be ideal, but an already difficult job becomes even more difficult when the weather turns. Harsh winter weather conditions can have an impact on your workers and their gear. Ice, snow, and blowing winds can increase the risk of incident on the job. Keep your workers warm and dry with insulated workwear so they can concentrate on staying safe, reducing the risk. In icy conditions, a surefooted worker equipped with the appropriate winter-ready footwear will be confident with the added traction, allowing them to perform their best.

Oil and gas worksites have a wide range of workers from truck drivers to cementers, derrick workers, pump operators and power engineers, which is why we only supply tested workwear that's suited to any task. The roles couldn't be more varied, but what they all have in common is the need for high performance workwear and PPE to keep them safe on site, wherever the job demands.

Two specialized Mark’s innovations help keep oil and gas workers warm and dry.


Garments created using superior technology that provides improved heat retention and body temperature regulation. A technical blend of fibers or specialized dyes helps increase heat dissipation in warm weather or retain heat in cooler environments.


A unique application in which polyurethane is added during the finishing and processing stages to boot leather to increase durability and weather resistance. A finishing spray applied to the boot after construction helps extend the life of the footwear and protect against soil, rain and oils.

Everyday, thousands of Canadian businesses depend on Mark’s Commercial to provide the wholesale workwear they need. Their workwear must stand up to the day-to-day demands of oil and gas work, no matter what the weather. Workwear and footwear on any site must be comfortable, wear well, and protect workers against environmental and job site hazards.

High-Performance, Weather-Ready Workwear is Good Business

Boost your bottom line with three key advantages:

  • Safer on Site — protect your workers and your business
  • Longer lasting — replace your footwear, workwear and PPE less often
  • More Comfortable — improve worker productivity in all conditions

Workwear supply to meet your business requirements

Your workers’ safety comes first. Mark’s Commercial provides top safety workwear brands through apparel programs to thousands of Canadian businesses. Corporate wholesale supply programs, online ordering, direct delivery and a dedicated Client Services Team make Mark’s Commercial the only wholesale workwear supplier you’ll need when safety matters most.

Mark’s Commercial. Where Safety Works.

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