Saskatchewan Energy Minister, Raging River CEO Among Scheduled Speakers At CSUR’s Saskatchewan Day

Saskatchewan Energy Minister Dustin Duncan and Neil Roszell, president and CEO, Raging River Exploration Inc., are scheduled speakers at the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR) Saskatchewan Day, scheduled for Oct. 21.

CSUR has assembled government representatives from Saskatchewan to discuss important issues related to unconventional resource development in that province.

Attendees will hear presentations from various senior government personnel on issues such as: the priorities of government, current projects, tenure, royalties and regulations. In addition, presentations from the Saskatchewan Geological Survey, the Petroleum Technology Research Centre and the Saskatchewan Research Council will complement the government presentations.

Capping off the day will be an Industry Forum where several of the key Saskatchewan energy companies will update the audience on their activities in the province.

“Saskatchewan Day is part of CSUR’s commitment to engage our membership directly with various provincial governments in a way that fosters synergy and communication between industry and both the regulators and policy makers,” said CSUR president Dan Allan.

Following on the success of CSUR’s second annual B.C. Day in June of this year, the society has attempted to expand this concept to include the other two main producing provinces.

“With the strong support of the minister of energy, the Saskatchewan government will be sending out to Calgary a senior delegation of representatives from all aspects of the energy portfolio,” Allan said.

A broad spectrum of presentations will provide information that should prove invaluable to the industry, he added.

“The ability to hold discussions and interact with key government personnel is an essential component to an efficient and effective energy industry,” Allan said.

Ed Dancsok, senior strategic lead, oil and gas development with the Saskatchewan government, and one of the scheduled speakers, added that the Saskatchewan Day event is an excellent opportunity for oil and gas companies, not only those operating in the province, but those interested in investing for the first time, to learn about the attractiveness of Saskatchewan as a place to be engaged in oil and gas development.

“It’s not only an opportunity to learn about the welcoming business environment, but also the ongoing projects in the province and the commitment the province makes to working with industry to ensure that projects move forward and any barriers to that progress are addressed,” he said.

“Attendees will hear from government officials and experts in the areas of oil and gas tenure and royalties as well as how to navigate through the regulatory framework that exists in the province,” Dancsok said. “They will also learn about upcoming advancements and initiatives in the regulatory space.

“Finally, there will be research experts there from the Geological Survey, the PTRC and the SRC that will talk about research initiatives from the initial exploratory stages through technology development, commercialization and enhanced oil recovery.”

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