New “Compliance Dashboard” Provides More Information About AER Activities

Albertans now have online access to more information on how the Alberta Energy Regulator regulates oil and gas development and enforces its requirements.

The AER has launched the Compliance Dashboard, which replaces the incident reporting tool and monthly action summary. It includes information on incidents, including those reported through the incident reporting tool since its launch in June 2013; investigations, including those transferred from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and any investigation closed as of July 2014; and compliance activities and enforcement actions, which go back to July 2014.

The AER conducts thousands of compliance activities each year. The dashboard highlights the non-compliances that have the potential to affect public safety, the environment, and resource conservation.

The information has always been available through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) process, Jim Ellis, AER president and CEO, said in a news release. “But we wanted it online — easy to access, easy to read, easy to search. It’s a spotlight, not just on industry but on the AER, as well.”

“The Alberta Energy Regulator continues to make improvements in providing timely information to Albertans about how we work to ensure our rules and requirements are followed,” he said.

“The Compliance Dashboard does more than share information about our activities, it demonstrates to Albertans our commitment to protecting public safety and the environment in an open and accountable way.”