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We were there at the opening of the Great Canadian Oil Sands plant in 1967, and we haven’t taken our eyes off the industry since.

We’ve evolved from providers of pure journalistic coverage into an integrated oilsands intelligence practice that includes reporters, business analysts and data acquisition specialists. We’re on the pulse of the people, technologies and strategies that will drive the oilsands into the future. We tell the stories hidden in the data. Our flagship oilsands offerings are the DOB Oilsands Review, the CanOils oilsands database and the Canadian Oilsands Navigator.

Our team

Deborah Jaremko

Deborah Jaremko leads oilsands editorial content for JWN. She was the founding editor of Oilsands Review magazine in 2006 and continues to guide JWN's coverage of this key market space in the new DOB Oilsands Review. Deborah is also founding editor of the Journal of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association, the Alberta government's Oil Sands Industry Quarterly Update, and the daily news site jwnenergy.com. She joined JWN in 2003 following graduation from the Bachelor of Applied Communications in Journalism program at Mount Royal College. 

Elsie Ross

Elsie Ross is associate editor of the Daily Oil Bulletin. She started at JWN in 1997 as a DOB reporter after 15 years at the Calgary Herald. Elsie covered Syncrude and Suncor when she first started at the DOB and reported on the companies' plans for expanded production in an era of low oil prices.  (In 1998, Syncrude had record production averaging just over 210,000 bbls per day with a record operating cost of $13.50 per bbl).  Today, she's more focused on how oilsands production gets to market in coverage of pipeline and regulatory issues.

Pat Roche

Pat Roche has been covering the oilsands — particularly oilsands technologies — as a reporter with the Daily Oil Bulletin since 1999. His work has been recognized with several awards including Gold and Silver at the Canadian Business Press-sponsored Kenneth R. Wilson Awards. His favorite assignment is writing about technologies that produce more bitumen at less cost.

Carter Haydu

Carter Haydu has been a reporter with the Daily Oil Bulletin since October 2012. During his time with the company, Haydu has produced an abundance of articles on matters pertaining to the oilsands from various angles — academia, ecology, economics, science and technology, and politics.

Mudassar Shaikh

Mudassar Shaikh is an oilsands analyst with CanOils, which he joined in 2015 after working for one year at a London, UK-based private oil company as a financial analyst. Mudassar helped develop the CanOils hedging module and is currently working on corporate guidance data. He has a keen interest in project level financial modeling.

Chao Zhang

Chao Zhang joined JWN in January 2017 as an oilsands analyst with CanOils. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, having spent his senior year internships working for oilsands producers in the areas of reclamation and engineering data management.

Diane Henderson

Diane Henderson is JWN’s manager of specialized databases. She led the development of JWN’s proprietary oilsands database system.

Jennifer Milroy

Jennifer Milroy is an oilsands data analyst with JWN. She specializes in oilsands regulatory filings and corporate financial documents.

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