About DOB Intelligence Essentials

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DOB Intelligence Essentials gives you the insight to thrive.

DOB Intelligence Essentials combines a comprehensive set of analysis, insight, data and tools to guide professionals in the oil and gas industry. It provides information essential to understand and participate in Canada's oilpatch.

Access critical and timely information that helps major producers, midstream and service/supply companies take decisive action in a competitive market.

The suite of resources included with Intelligence Essentials also provides outstanding value for an entire company by improving productivity and reducing training costs. The breadth of tools, information and analysis can significantly improve employees' business knowledge and decision quality.

Who should use DOB Intelligence Essentials?

Professionals in Canada's oilpatch rely on DOB Intelligence Essentials for business development, market intelligence and monitoring industry trends. Current users include:

• oil and gas producers
• service and supply companies
• midstream and pipeline companies
• engineering and construction companies
• finance and investment analysts
• sales and business development professionals
• government and
• regulators

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