Using the DOB on Older Browsers

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The new DOB will be best experienced on a current web browser. If you are using an older browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 8 or lower), your browsing experience will not be optimal. In this case, please upgrade your browser — we recommend Chrome or Firefox. It should be noted that older browsers like Internet Explorer 8 are less secure and official support from Microsoft will terminate soon.

For those who are not able to upgrade their browsers, all of the functions of the Daily Oil Bulletin will still be available but in a simplified format. 

The homepage  of the DOB new contains feature articles, redesigned charts and standard features like daily oil prices. To view all the daily headlines, simply click the Today's Headlines  link in the top right corner of the site, just below the Daily Oil Bulletin logo.

The Today's Headlines  page lists all the headlines for the most recent edition of the DOB. At the bottom of the is page, you may navigate to previous issues. 

Within a specific article, you may click to the next article in an issue by clicking the Next Article link or the next and previous links at the bottom of the article page. If you would like to print an article, simply click File > Print in your browser's menu — page printing has been optimized for your printer to preserve your ink and to make the article easily readable (remember: printed pages are for your personal use only).

The Explore page contains links to all site categories, articles by authors as well as links to all reports categories. A link to the reports archive  is available on the homepage in the reports section as well as on the the explore page. (Currently our categories are being re-programmed for compatibility with older browsers.)

The Explore page also contains a search by date feature  that allows you to go directly to a specific date of the DOB — you will need to enter a valid DOB issue date (the DOB publishes Monday through Friday excluding statutory holidays). From here, you may click on the "view issue" link next to the date on the lead story that will load first.

The search capability of the site has been enhanced to allow advanced date searches with filtering by a number of facets. Simply enter a search term into the search bar and use the links at the left to filter.