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The new DOB will be best experienced on a current web browser. If you are using an older browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 8 or lower), your browsing experience will not be optimal. In this case, please upgrade your browser — we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Read more on using the DOB on older browsers .


The reading experience has been redesigned throughout the new Daily Oil Bulletin. The homepage of the DOB still houses all the same great content, but has been enhanced for a modern browsing experience.

One of the most obvious new features is the Article List on the left side of the site. Upon login, all the articles from the most recent edition of the DOB will be easily accessible as you read. (On mobile devices, this list can be reached by clicking the list icon in the top left corner of your mobile device screen.) The list interface allows you to easily scroll through previous issues by clicking the forward and back arrows. 

Explore the comprehensive DOB data sets and dashboards available to you as a DOB member. These data tools will help you as an energy industry professional to understand what's happening in market activity and identify new prospects for drilling, small projects, facility turnarounds, pipelines, Oilsands projects, and more.

Drilling summary charts have been redesigned in vibrant interactive format.
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Article View

The new article view has been redesigned for better readability on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Increased type sizes and optimized line lengths have been used throughout.

In the article view, you can quickly navigate through issues in the sidebar using the arrows next to the issue date. Navigate between articles by clicking the headlines in the sidebar or clicking the next/previous article links at the top and bottom of the story. You can even use your "n" and "p" keys to quickly switch between articles in this view.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, a number of enhancements have been added to make reading the DOB more personal and social.

The star button (top right corner) allows you to save an article as a favourite, bookmarking the article to My Saved Articles in the MyDOB section of the site.

Sharing an article on social media is quick and easy using the multi-function share button (top right corner) or by using any of the social icons at the bottom of the article. Simply click a share button to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. (Note: your social connections will be able to see an article snippet, but will need to login to the DOB to read the full article.)

Discussions have been added to the DOB to allow you to converse with other DOB readers about specific topics. Simply click Discuss this Article at the bottom of an article page to enable the commenting system. You may register with a social account or comment anonymously.

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There are a number of ways to explore and search for articles on the redesigned DOB. Clicking on the Today link in the top banner of the site will bring up the current issue. The Explore tab contains shortcuts to main news categories as well as direct access to the data and tools available to you as a DOB member. By clicking Explore All, you can view all article categories, search by issue date, reports archive and articles by author.

The new DOB search features a quick search in the main masthead of the site as well as an advanced search option on the search page. Searches are able to be filtered by date range, and a number of other factors for narrowing results.

The Save as Custom Alert feature allows a refined search to be saved to your MyDOB profile where new article notifications will appear (see MyDOB feature outline for further information).

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Login & Authorization

The new DOB login and authorization system allows you to use your own personal password and request automatic password resets if you forget your login.

The new system also allows you to login from multiple devices with the same login — read the DOB on your desktop, tablet or mobile device without having to request a new authorization.

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Mobile & Tablet Optimization

The DOB reading experience is optimized to respond to all major device sizes — the site layout will automatically configure itself for optimal viewing.

In tablet view, the article list will be hidden off screen to allow for maximum reading room. To access the article list, simply click on the list icon in the top left corner of the site (to the left of the DOB mobile logo).

On a fully mobile device (i.e. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone), the site will condense and simplify further to allow for more focused, mobile reading. In this view, the article list can be accessed by clicking the article list icon in the top left of the site while the site main menu and search can be accessed by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner of the site. 

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The MyDOB section contains personal settings as well as functions for saving bookmarks and custom alert searches.

The Profile area contains all the settings for updating your personal subscriber information including your DOB password. You may now create your own custom password for use on your PC, tablet and mobile devices (only one concurrent login is enabled).

The My Saved Articles page stores articles you’ve starred to make your favourite articles easy to find. Simply click the star icon in the top right of the article page when reading and your article will appear in your starred article area. To remove an article from this list, you may click the star icon next to the list of articles or you may un-click the star button in the article view.

Custom Alerts allow you track articles containing keyword phrases. To use this feature, simply type a query into the search tool on the site (i.e. “oil exploration”). On the search results page click the Save as Custom Alert — this will save the alert to your Custom Alerts area. In this area you may edit the label of your custom alert or delete. A new article count is included next to the items in your Custom Alert list. To view the articles, simply click the Custom Alert label to return to the results page where you may read or filter the results further.

Notification Settings allows you to customize the settings for receiving alerts from the Daily Oil Bulletin. 

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