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We’re proud of our history

Since 1937, the Bulletin has chronicled this industry’s truly remarkable journey; a story chock full of colourful visionaries, insightful geologists, hard-working rig hands and daring capitalists—all with ambitions to play their role in building Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Carl O. Nickle, founder, launched the Oil Bulletin on Nov. 6, 1937, with only 14 subscribers and at a time when Canada was producing a meagre 20,000 barrels a day from Alberta’s Turner Valley field. He was the writer, editor, publisher and even delivered the newsletter: a literal one-man show.

But Nickle had the foresight to believe the oil and gas sector would help build the West, and enrich Canada as a whole. And when the Leduc oil discovery in 1947 came in, it did just that. The gusher kick-started the country’s nascent industry and transformed the DOB as new subscribers flooded in, seeking the Bulletin’s insight and analysis.

Today, the Bulletin continues to lead in the delivery of insight on Canada’s oil and gas industry. From coverage of the latest merger or acquisition, to analysis of advanced technologies and exploration plays across the basin, the DOB is industry’s must-read publication.