Headlines for Dec. 1, 2017

  1. Demand For Canadian Heavy In Gulf Coast Will Continue To Be Strong: Report

    While there might be a desire for “value-added” processing of Canada’s heavy oil and bitumen within the country, energy industry consulting firm IHS Markit concludes, in a newly released study, that demand for Canada’s heavy crude on the U.S. Gulf Coast will continue to be so strong there is little economic logic in expanding domestic heavy oil processing.

  2. Sponsored Content: Accelerate Oil And Gas Transformation With Advanced Technologies

    The Canadian natural resources industry is undergoing enormous change. Volatile energy prices — the reality of US 55 per barrel — reduced production reliability, uncertain market access, the government’s climate change agenda, tightening environmental policy, safety, and compliance concerns along with increasing social drivers, such as social license to operate, all have resulted in industry upheaval.

  3. Alberta Export Awards 2017 Winners

    Nine ambitious, highly-innovative Alberta companies with their sights set on pushing into new global markets took home awards last week honouring their commitment to international growth and continued expansion across the province at the 2017 Alberta Export Awards.

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