Headlines for Sept. 11, 2017

  1. Analysis: Peak Oil Demand Ain’t No Peak Oil

    Peak oil demand has been a hot topic in the past few years, just as Peak Oil from the supply side was a hot topic last decade. Energy economists wrote books exalting Peak Oil, and some of them even ended up being interviewed by the oh so hip Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. But, of course, they were dead wrong. They failed to take into account the role that technological advancement has played in economically opening new oil resource since the beginning of the Oil Age. They failed to foresee the Shale Revolution.

  2. White Owl In Deal On Clairmont Terminal

    White Owl Energy Services Ltd. announced the acquisition of the Pembina Pipeline Corporation connected Clairmont Terminal at LSD 01-09-073-05W6 the Grande Prairie area of Alberta.

  3. Redline Opens First Satellite Office

    Redline Industrial Ltd. announces the opening of its first satellite office in Medicine Hat-Redcliff, Alta., to expand its client base and better serve existing clients in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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