Headlines for June 26, 2017

  1. Crescent Point Files Complaint With NEB About TEML Westspur Pipelines

    The National Energy Board (NEB) is seeking comments on how to proceed with a complaint from Crescent Point Resources Partnership regarding operational practices of TEML Westspur Pipelines Limited that are potentially inconsistent with the Westspur tariff rules and regulations.

  2. Entering Other Markets: Should You? Could You?

    Are you a small or medium oil or gas services business wanting to measure opportunity and risk of a different market? Attend this practical, newly created "industry-teaching-industry" certificate program, funded by PSAC and Alberta Economic Development. 

  3. DIVERGENT Announces Stock Option Grant

    DIVERGENT Energy Services Corp.’s board of directors has approved, effective June 23, 2017, the grant of 400,000 stock options to a new director of the company.

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