Headlines for June 23, 2017

  1. Daily Infographic: Alberta Rig Releases - By Objective

    To the end of May, 906 of the wells drilled in Alberta had oil or bitumen as an objective compared to 233 wells last year, while 507 were approved for natural gas or CBM targets compared to 277 in the first five months of 2016 (excluding experimental wells).

  2. Bow River Energy Closes Provost Asset Acquisition

    Privately-held Bow River Energy Ltd. has reported the closing of what it described as a “transformational” asset acquisition from a major integrated oil and gas company in the Provost area of Alberta.

  3. RMP Announces Start Up Of Elmworth Battery

    Montney-focused RMP Energy Inc. says it has successfully commissioned and started up its 100 per cent owned and operated Elmworth 2-23 oil battery and gas handling facility in the Elmworth (Gold Creek) field of west-central Alberta.

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