Headlines for May 17, 2017

  1. Daily Infographic: OPEC Crude Oil Supply Climbs In April

    Higher crude oil flows from Nigeria and Saudi Arabia offset lower production from Libya and Iran and lifted OPEC output by 65,000 bbls per day during April to 31.78 million bbls per day. Adherence to the 1.2 million bbl-per-day supply pact loosened a touch in April, but the four-month performance rate was a robust 96 per cent, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The highest compliance achieved during previous supply cuts was 75 per cent to 80 per cent, according to the OPEC Secretariat.

  2. Exclusive Interview With Altex Energy, CEO

    With only 2 weeks to go until the New Technology for In Situ Oil Sands Facilities 2017, we spoke with John Zahary President & CEO, Altex Energy who gave us his thoughts on how Altex is viewing the changing oil landscape, methods to meet carbon reduction targets, using rail to move oil and much more.

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