Headlines for April 24, 2017

  1. Crescent Point Is Top Operator In Q1 2017

    Crescent Point Energy Corp. was the top operator during the first quarter of 2017, excluding experimental/test wells — drilling the most metres across the basin and also rig releasing the most wells.

  2. Sponsored Content: How Technology Has Simplified Business

    The future of business is here and that means complacency is no longer an option. Living in a “comfort zone” when it comes to running operations can mean falling behind the competition; today’s environment demands flexibility to change to constantly evolving technology.

  3. Zargon Announces Board Of Directors Changes

    K. James Harrison has advised Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. that he does not intend to stand for re-election for the company’s board of directors at the upcoming annual and special meeting of shareholders to be held on May 30, 2017.

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