Headlines for April 5, 2017

  1. Daily Infographic: U.S. Oil Producers Increased Investment In Fourth Quarter Of 2016

    Capital expenditure for 44 U.S. onshore-focused oil production companies increased $4.9 billion (72 per cent) between the fourth quarter of 2016 and the fourth quarter of 2015 based on their public quarterly financial statements. This increase in investment spending was the largest year-over-year increase for any quarter by these 44 companies since at least the first quarter of 2012.

  2. Big Oilsands Deals Likely Done For Now

    While recent large-scale deals involving oilsands assets are “stealing the show” in the western Canadian oilpatch so far in 2017, a Wood Mackenzie analyst says more blockbusters are unlikely though smaller transactions could occur.

  3. Clearview Resources Ltd. Property Divestiture

    Sayer Energy Advisors has been engaged to assist Clearview Resources Ltd. (“Clearview” or the “Company”) with the marketing of its non-operated oil and natural gas properties in various areas of Alberta.

  4. Transforming Oil & Gas With IBM Watson: Register Now!

    IBM Watson represents a new generation of “augmented intelligence” capabilities that can be a key enabler to support critical optimization initiatives in the areas of operational performance, productivity, and safety.

  5. Geological Evaluation Of Montney Formation Resource Plays

    This four-day course utilizes lectures, core workshops and one-day field trip to examine the reservoir characteristics, facies heterogeneity and stratigraphic framework of the Montney formation with emphasis on the geological attributes that make the Montney one of North America’s leading resource plays. 

  6. Canada Is Lagging On Clean Tech Commercialization: SDTC

    Canada has an opportunity to leap ahead of the U.S in the development of clean technologies, particularly in the context of the new U.S. administration under President Donald Trump, says the president and CEO of an Ottawa-based, federally-funded clean tech funding agency.

  7. Sunshine In Debt Settlement Agreement

    On April 5, 2017 in Hong Kong, Sunshine Oilsands Ltd. entered into a debt settlement agreement with Creditor A, being an independent third party and a creditor to the corporation, pursuant to which the corporation will allot and issue the relevant shares to Creditor A as full and final settlement of the partial debt.

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