Headlines for March 23, 2017

  1. Alberta Sale Brings In Just Under $20 Million

    The Alberta government on Wednesday attracted $19.89 million in bonus bids at its land sale on 61,198 hectares at an average price of $325.05, powered by a licence that was sold for over $10 million.

  2. Federal Budget 2017: Highlights That Affect The Oil And Gas Industry

    The federal budget tabled by Finance Minister Bill Morneau yesterday contained many elements of interest to the country’s oil and gas sector, not the least of which was a plan to alter the Canadian exploration expense (CEE), a tool that was widely utilized by exploration and production companies looking to drill exploratory wells.

  3. Climate Change Will Occur; Oilsands Land Management Practices Should Be Adaptive

    No matter how much mitigation governments, industries and communities implement, some degree of climate change is inevitable, and while continued efforts to minimize anthropogenic global warming is important, land-use management should plan for and adapt to possible future outcomes of climate change — including in the oilsands.

  4. Granite Encouraged By Alberta Bakken EOR Results

    Despite the challenges in the oil industry in 2016, Granite Oil Corp. says it made significant strides in setting up its unique, large oil-in-place oil asset for the long term through its organic development formula.

  5. Financially Troubled Pemex Rewards Former Senior Executives

    Financially troubled Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the state-owned oil and gas company that is facing competition from private sector companies for the first time in its 80-year history, has managed to reward former senior executives with rich pensions, despite having a debt of US$100 billion, plus US$90 billion in pension obligations.

  6. Western Energy Services In Support Agreements With Savanna Shareholders

    Western Energy Services Corp. said that its proposed arrangement with Savanna Energy Services Corp. providing for the issuance of 0.85 of a Western common share and payment of 21 cents of cash for each Savanna common share has gained additional strong support from Savanna shareholders since its announcement.

  7. Gibsons Closes Senior Unsecured Notes

    Gibson Energy Inc. closed its issuance of $350 million aggregate principal amount of 5.25 per cent senior unsecured notes due July 15, 2024 on an exempt private placement basis.

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